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No matter what age you are, having a Power of Attorney can help give you peace of mind that should anything happen to you, for your family, making decisions on your behalf will be simple.

Power of Attorney (PoA) is used to transfer the legal authority for decision making about an individual and their affairs to another person if the person becomes unable to do so for themselves. Without a Power of Attorney, it is not as simple as having your spouse or next of kin take decisions for you, and this can make an already difficult time even more challenging.

Here at Brown & Brown Partners LLP, we are highly experienced in dealing with matters relating to power of attorney and can help you with all aspects of it.

Expert Power of Attorney Lawyers Toronto

If you or a loved one is considering transferring such legal authority to another person, then it is vitally important to ensure the correct legal procedure is followed, and that all necessary paperwork is drawn up and registered correctly.

Usually, Power of Attorney concerns a person’s property and financial affairs, their health and welfare, or both. Once formalised, this allows your family member or loved one, as your ‘attorney’, to make any and all decisions about you, subject to any restrictions placed upon them, It is clear to see why Power of Attorney is not only an important consideration, but also a highly sensitive and personal one.

Brown & Brown Partners LLP is trusted by clients throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas to assist individuals with a wide variety of issues concerning power of attorney, and we are ready and willing to help you today.

We understand that Power of Attorney the issues which may surround this decision can be emotional and incredibly difficult to deal with, as it will normally involve the people that you love the most. Brown & Brown Partners LLP will deal with your power of attorney matter in an empathic but professional way, ensuring that all paperwork is drawn up and registered correctly, to be certain that should the situation ever arise in the future, things are as straightforward and as simple as they can be.

Brown & Brown Partners LLP – Power of Attorney Lawyers Toronto

When you first contact us, we respond the same day to arrange an initial consultation during which we will take the time to get to know about you and your affairs to enable us to serve you best. Brown & Brown Partners LLP, prides itself on its client care and legal expertise, and matters relating to powers of attorney are no exception. If you would like to discuss any issue relating to power of attorney, Brown & Brown Partners LLP will be pleased to assist you.  Get in touch by completing our online enquiry form today.

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