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When a dispute in the workplace occurs, it can place unnecessary strains on businesses as well as those involved.

In addition to potentially causing stress and resentment, this disagreement can lead to breakdowns in employee/employer relationships – damaging communications and crippling morale.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

In this situation, it is vital that the dispute is resolved as soon as possible. Fortunately, this is where the dispute resolution specialists at Brown & Brown Partners LLP come in. Acting as a neutral third party, we get those affected together and attempt to settle disputes through a series of discussions and exchange of views.

Alternative dispute resolution is less stressful, quicker, and much more affordable than going to court. It is also successful in more than 80% of cases.

To find out more information about our alternative dispute resolution options, get in touch with the friendly team at Brown & Brown Partners LLP today. We are happy to discuss your dispute as well as how best to resolve it.

How does Alternative Dispute Resolution work at Brown & Brown Partners LLP?

Although the alternative dispute resolution process differs on a case by case basis, typically resolution will follow these basic steps:

  • Meetings with each affected party, separately, to identify aims, feelings, and what everyone wants to achieve from alternative dispute resolution.
  • Joint dispute resolution with all parties where the mediator adopts a neutral stance and drives the meeting forwards towards a satisfactory agreement.
  • The mediators will help draw up an agreement clarifying the agreed areas which is then signed by those parties involved.

In the event the alternative dispute resolution process fails and parties want to settle their differences in court, the topics discussed in these meetings will remain confidential and shall not be discussed outside of the proceedings.

Why choose Brown & Brown Partners LLP for Alternative Dispute Resolution

We can provide both Arbitration and Mediation services through our in-house certified staff. Our sympathetic and approachable manner, as well as a detailed understanding of legal disputes, enjoys a high success rate.

Contact our Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers Toronto

At Brown & Brown Partners LLP, our specialist dispute resolution solicitors based in Toronto, have extensive experience in settling disputes between groups. Whether a disagreement between family members, colleagues or peers, our lawyers always strive to achieve the best results. Get in touch today by completing our online enquiry form.

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